Southcliff Covenant and Architectural Guidelines

Southcliff was developed intentionally to nestle into the mountainside and preserve the rich contrast in views and terrain of its natural setting. To that end, 175 of the 400-acre community will be forever preserved as perpetual green space.

Additional covenants and architectural guidelines support Southcliff's rich microenvironments that thrive across the changing elevations. The information below serves as an introduction for Southcliff's residents and homebuilders.

What Are Southcliff's Covenants?

Southcliff's homeowners association is governed by a three-person board of directors, of which one member is elected by Southcliff property owners. The purpose of the board is to provide for maintenance and preservation of community common areas and to promote the health, safety, and welfare of residents.

The community's homeowners covenants describe in detail the HOA's rights and obligations to its members, and vice versa. Among the most important priorities of the Southcliff HOA are:

  • Exercise all of the powers and privileges and to perform all of the duties and obligations as set forth in the community bylaws.
  • Fix, levy, collect, and enforce payment of by any lawful means all charges or assessments imposed pursuant to the HOA.
  • Pay all expenses, including all licenses, taxes, or governmental charges, levied or imposed against the property governed by the HOA.

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What Are Southcliff's Architectural and Landscape Design Guidelines?

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The Southcliff Design Review Board (DRB) has developed detailed Architectural and Landscape Design Guidelines in order to blend structures and residents' lifestyles into a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing residential community which places a strong emphasis on the preservation and enhancement of the natural beauty of Southcliff.

About the guidelines

The guidelines are intended to provide direction to lot owners and builders during the construction process in order to ensure quality of design, compatibility among buildings and their setting, and to harmonize with landforms and surrounding vegetation. The DRB is open to and encourages creative design, innovative use of materials, and unique methods of construction within the framework of these guidelines and the guiding philosophy of Southcliff.

The Southcliff Architectural and Landscape Design Guidelines include information about:

Architecture and design

Including permitted architectural styles, maximum dwelling height, fences and walls, outbuildings, and outdoor home features

Site planning

Including site analysis and siting considerations, streams and wetlands, and easements


Including landscape zones, retaining walls, landscape walls, screening, tree protection and preservation, automatic irrigation, and fish ponds and fountains

Construction regulations

Including roadway maintenance, site stabilization, silt fencing, and erosion control

Southcliff builders in good standing

Recommendations for reliable builders

Design review and the construction process

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What Is the Southcliff Design Review and Construction Process?

Our process

The Southcliff Design Review and Construction Process consists of a series of meetings, or checkpoints, between the lot owner, architect (design/build team), and the DRB. This process starts with an informal introductory meeting and ends with the completion of home construction.

How to request approval

There are five major steps in the Design Review and Construction Process:

  1. Design and construction process
  2. Preliminary plan review (and payment of design review fee)
  3. Final plan review
  4. Construction drawings review, lot staking, site inspection, and approval to commence work
  5. Field verification, inspections, and owners certificate of compliance

During the process, the DRB will evaluate all development proposals in accordance with the covenants and guidelines. Some design guidelines, such as building height, form, and acceptable materials, are stated as absolute design parameters. Others are left to the discretion and interpretation of the DRB.

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