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Why sell your home with Walnut Cove Realty?

If your real estate agent can’t make your North Carolina home stand out in today’s market, it simply can’t command the selling price it deserves. When you choose to sell your home with Walnut Cove Realty, you benefit from the strength of a data-driven, results-oriented approach powered by local experts with the reach of a global network.

The luxury real estate specialists at Walnut Cove Realty sold one listing every three days in 2021. And over half of those listings—54%—sold to our buyers. Our firsthand knowledge, decades of experience, and data-driven strategies help you make informed decisions and sell your property at the appropriate price.

“In the luxury real estate market, every advantage counts. We ensure you are well-positioned to negotiate effectively and close on time at the highest price point possible.”

—  Josh Smith, President, Walnut Cove Realty

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Selling Your Home Should Feel Simple—and Fulfilling.

We understand the process of selling your luxury home in western North Carolina can be complex and emotional. Pricing a home to sell is both a science and an art, particularly in today’s real estate landscape. It's not your job to know how to maximize your home value for the highest sales price. That’s why we make it ours.

The specialists at Walnut Cove Realty pair their luxury real estate experience with first-hand knowledge of the region and historic data from our proprietary database to help you price your home based on fair market value that takes every factor into account.

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Learn More About What Sets Us Apart from Other Seller Services.

Uncommon experience and market data

Unlike newer real estate agents in the luxury market, we combine a long history of luxury sales experience with access to data that's not readily available to other real estate agents to enable sellers to potentially receive more for their homes than they otherwise would.

Our WCR Luxury Spec Home Program, in particular, gives us unique and precise insights into cost calculations that other real estate agents simply can’t factor into their calculations. Rather than relying solely on historical data, which is a backward-facing approach to pricing in a forward-trending market, we know everything that goes into new construction prices, and use those numbers to arrive at the actual value of a property.

A focus on the details

Some real estate agents don’t appreciate just how important every detail can be when selling a luxury home in North Carolina. In addition to our 13 agents, we also have four Administrative Services staff dedicated to getting everything just right for each prospective buyer.

From setting the thermostat to adjusting the lighting based on the time of day the showing is taking place, we make sure each potential buyer can feel themselves living in the space and get convenient, timely answers to all of their questions.

Timely, thoughtful feedback

We know sellers want feedback, good and bad, from potential buyers, fast. All of our agents are immediately surveyed following showings with potential buyers to document prospects’ levels of interest, feelings on price, what went well, and whether or not we could do anything differently moving forward. That feedback is then shared with you after every showing.

Maximize your selling price.

Our strategic approach is tailored for the unique attributes of each property we sell. We create targeted marketing campaigns based on research and planning, technology, and knowledge that comes from more than a decade of experience selling luxury real estate properties in the mountains of western North Carolina.

Attract a world of buyers.

Good real estate agents look for opportunities to make connections happen. Our affiliation with Allen Tate Realtors® / Beverly-Hanks REALTORS® ensures our agents have connections to more than 250+ Associates who have recorded more than 50,000 contacts in our communication platform. These contacts comprise a diverse population from all walks of life. Each day, real estate agents are asked: "How's the market?" Let's get them talking about your property.

Put our expertise to work—from contract to closing.

Receiving an acceptable offer is just the beginning of the home selling process. As your full-service real estate brokerage, the process of selling your home can be complex and emotional. Proactive management and attention to detail by your Walnut Cove Realty agent puts your mind at ease and brings order to a process that sometimes overwhelms even the most organized sellers.

“Walnut Cove Realty we knew had been here from the beginning. They knew the neighborhoods. They had a database of people who were selling and buying property. They seemed to know when property might come on the market when we didn’t find anything we liked, so that gave us a lot of confidence in using them which is why, with their help, we ultimately purchased and/or sold four properties.”

—  The Affeldts, Property Sellers

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Four Steps to Sold

Here’s how we put our services to work for you to sell your NC luxury home—in four steps.


1. We perform a truly comprehensive comparative analysis and price your home to sell.

We meet with you, perform a market analysis, and evaluate that number from every angle. That means comparing it to new construction costs, cost-per-square-foot of custom homes being built, and other critical factors. Working together, we’ll arrive at a number that’s driven by market data—and just as importantly—comfortable with you.

2. We pull out all the stops to prepare your home to sell.

We carefully tour your home, suggest and manage repairs, updates, landscaping, and staging when necessary, and establish an ideal timeline for putting your home on the market. We draw on our extensive history and experience in preparing homes—using the best staging and contractor partners to get your home set up for sale.

3. We activate your listing, market it through the proper channels, and roll out a red carpet for your buyer.

We release the home through sale in the proper channels and actively support the sale process, making sure it’s perfect for when your future buyer arrives. We’ll be there to prepare the home, host potential buyers, answer their questions, and provide you with feedback in a timely manner.

4. You celebrate your sale—and make your next move.

After we help you navigate contract negotiations and final settlement, you celebrate and begin your next chapter.

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Talk to us and take the first step toward a successful sale.

North Carolina luxury homeowners sell with us when they want to receive the highest sale price through a process that’s simple, straightforward, and stress-free.

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