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Asheville stands out as a prime location for vacation rental investments, thanks to its vibrant culture, stunning natural beauty, and robust tourist influx.

Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville offers a unique blend of artistic streetscapes and breathtaking outdoor experiences, making it a magnet for both short-term vacationers and long-term residents.

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Why buy a vacation rental in Asheville?

The availability of vacation rental accommodations in Asheville and Buncombe County has grown at a rate more than triple that of new hotel rooms. (BPR)​

Area property investors can list on multiple platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and more, diversifying income sources and reaching a broader audience.​ (Mashvisor)

Asheville has a significant number of active vacation rental listings (totaling approximately 8,955) showing a steady increase of 3% in the past year. The market consists mainly of entire home rentals, which make up 80% of the listings. (AirDNA)

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With the rise of remote work, Asheville has become a popular destination for those looking to combine work with leisure. The city’s peaceful environment, excellent amenities, and broadband infrastructure make it ideal for workcations.

Find your dream vacation rental home at Elk View—just 12 minutes from downtown Asheville.

At Elk View, you'll discover 25 premier homes and homesites set within the stunning landscape of the Blue Ridge Mountains, perfectly positioned for those looking to invest in a luxury vacation rental. This coveted mountain development offers privacy, breathtaking views, and direct access to Asheville's dynamic arts, culinary, and social scenes. It’s been developed to allow owners to have ultimate flexibility when it comes to maximizing their property investments.

Explore all our current listings in this exclusive part of North Carolina to take the first step toward building or buying your ideal vacation rental. Elk View combines the tranquility of mountain living with proximity to urban amenities, making it an ideal choice for a vacation home that offers both relaxation and rental potential. These homes and homesites are selling fast.

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Elk View: life in landscape

Elk View is an innovative residential development located just minutes south of downtown Asheville, North Carolina. The development offers contemporary luxury homes harmonized with the natural environment. Residents and vacation renters enjoy the perfect blend of mountain tranquility and the cultural vibrancy of Asheville.

The area boasts hiking trails, mountain overlooks, and wooded groves, promoting a deep connection to the wilderness while being only minutes from Asheville. Elk View’s architecture thoughtfully adapts to the landscape’s contours to minimize environmental impact and enhance views of the valley. This integration of nature with modern living makes Elk View an ideal setting for those seeking a sustainable, scenic getaway near urban conveniences.

  • 12 minutes to downtown Asheville
  • 2 hours to Charlotte
  • 4 hours to Atlanta
  • 4.5 hours to Nashville
  • Summer: 80s - 60s F
  • Winter: 50s - 30s F
  • 2 hours to NYC
  • 2 hours to Miami
  • 30 mins to Charlotte and Atlanta with direct connections to the world
  • 7 direct flights to Florida

Contemporary architectural homes

Each of Elk View’s 25 residences is a masterpiece of bespoke design, meticulously tailored to its unique landscape. Every home stands as a testament to the marriage of art and architecture.

Mountains to main street

Embrace the tranquility of a wilderness retreat mere minutes from the vibrant energy of Asheville, North Carolina. Elk View seamlessly intertwines the serenity of its surroundings with the vibrant pulse of a cultured community.

Sustainable impact

Every piece of Elk View property has been developed to give owners reliability and peace of mind. ​​Sustainably designed homes are built for minimal climate impact and operational cost, a minimal physical footprint on the landscape, and have been strategically sited to reduce the impact of construction and engineering.

A premier vacation rental opportunity

Elk View is attracting luxury home investors interested in Asheville’s fast-moving vacation rental market. This distinctively positioned residential development is just south of the vibrant heart of downtown Asheville, offering an unparalleled balance of accessibility and retreat.

Elk View’s close proximity to Asheville's dynamic downtown area adds significant value to its rental potential. Its strategic location allows guests to enjoy the best of both worlds—a peaceful mountain getaway with easy access to urban entertainment and activities.

Investing in Elk View is not just about purchasing property; it's about buying into an experience that appeals to a broad spectrum of vacation renters. From families looking for a comfortable holiday spot to adventure seekers eager to explore the mountains.

Turnkey property management options

The turnkey solutions available for Elk View allow property owners to enjoy the financial benefits of vacation renting without the day-to-day responsibilities, making it an even more appealing option for those who may not be local or prefer not to manage the operational aspects of their investment properties directly.

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Proximity to Asheville

Located a mere 12 minutes from downtown, Elk View allows easy access to Asheville's rich cultural scene, including art galleries, and gourmet restaurants. This proximity makes it a highly attractive option for vacation renters seeking both mountain serenity and urban excitement.

Contemporary design

Each home in Elk View is designed to complement the landscape, with modern architectural styles that maximize views and minimize environmental impact. The thoughtful integration of each property within the natural contours of the land appeals to discerning guests who value sustainability and style.

Outdoor amenities

Residents and renters can enjoy nearby amenities, including hiking trails, mountain overlooks, and wooded groves, encouraging a lifestyle that is deeply connected to the outdoors.

Incredible short-term rental potential

The unique setting and features make Elk View an ideal choice for short-term vacation rentals. The development's appeal to tourists and visitors seeking a luxurious yet eco-friendly retreat near Asheville ensures a strong demand and potential for high rental yields.

Sustainable investment

Investing in Elk View means investing in a property that is both environmentally responsible and economically viable. The development's commitment to sustainable living attracts a growing market of eco-conscious travelers, providing investors with a competitive edge in the vacation rental market.

“Elk View offers an outstanding opportunity for those looking to buy a vacation rental in Asheville, NC. With its prime location, exceptional design, and robust rental potential, it’s poised to be a profitable venture for savvy investors and a delightful escape for their guests. Whether you're seeking a passive income stream or more active involvement as a part time resident, Elk View provides the perfect setting to realize your investment goals.”

— Josh Smith, President, Walnut Cove Realty


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Do you support short-term rentals?

Yes. Elk View has been developed to allow for owners to have ultimate flexibility when maximizing their property investment through short-term rentals.

What makes Asheville a good investment for vacation rentals?

Asheville is a prime location for vacation rental investments thanks to its beautiful natural scenery, vibrant arts and cultural scene, and renowned culinary landscape. Its year-round appeal—driven by seasonal festivals, a mild climate, and a growing popularity among remote workers—ensures a steady stream of tourists and high occupancy rates for rentals. Asheville’s real estate market has shown strong appreciation, making investments not only lucrative for rental income but also promising for long-term property value growth.

Will my lot have a view of the mountains?

Yes. All Elk View lots boast a southern view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Schedule a tour with us to see exactly what your view will look like.

When will Elk View be finished?

Much of the development is currently underway, with multiple properties close to completion in 2024. Buyers are moving fast.

I have a larger project in mind; can I buy more than one lot?

Yes. Buyers can purchase and combine more than one lot to develop larger projects.

I’m interested. What is the process for purchasing a vacation rental property at Elk View?

The process begins with a consultation with our real estate experts, who will provide detailed information about available properties, investment potential, and the overall buying process. This includes discussing financing options, potential returns, and any legal considerations associated with purchasing and operating a vacation rental in North Carolina. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started.

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