Walnut Cove Trends with the Industry

According to The Urban Land Institute research here are the top 6 priorities for buyers:

  1. Today’s buyers are investing in their families, looking for family friendly amenities and service, homes that sleep and entertain as well as aspiring to build a legacy to pass to children and grandchildren.
  2. Buyers must be convinced of value, utility and long term stability of their purchase.
  3. “Wellbeing” has replaced “Wellness” as buyers seek programming focusing on authentic experiences, volunteerism and giving back.
  4. Clean and contemporary architecture is on trend.
  5. Simple, old fashioned family fun is “in”. Think “retro board games, toys, etc”.
  6. From an amenity standpoint, family is the new golf so a broad range of activities are important.

How Does Walnut Cove Compare:

  1. The Cliffs offers a legacy program.
  2. Property values have increase 25% for lots and 15% for town homes at Walnut Cove as the purchase of The Cliffs by Arendale, in 2014 assures WC’s stability.
  3.  The WC Wellness Center offers a variety of specialized experiences from hiking to kayaking. Working with the University of N.C.-Asheville, a mentoring program is planned for 2015.  And, the Walnut Cove Members Assoc. specializes in assisting people find their niche for volunteering.
  4.  Open house plans are available from the builders in our Preferred Builders Program.  From contemporary to rustic, new owners can find a plan that fits their lifestyle.
  5.  Game Nights are scheduled by the club for all members to relax and have fun.  Many of our neighbors invite friends for evenings of board games, card games or charades.  You can also find Maj Jong every Tuesday afternoon.
  6.  Family friendly amenities are being added each year.  Croquette, bowling, book club and doubles tennis were introduced or continued during 2014.  Other activities are inspired by homeowner input.

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