Jack’s Tennis Update February 22nd – March 5th, 2016

Upcoming Events at the Valley Tennis Courts:

St. Patrick’s Day Tennis
Sunday, March 13 | 3:30 – 5:00 pm
Must wear green and bring a green snack or green drink!

Easter Egg Hunt
Sunday, March 27 | 2:30 pm
Bring an Easter Egg basket down to the Valley Tennis Center courts for a fun egg hunt.

Easter Fun Tennis
Sunday, March 27 | 3:30 – 5:00 pm
Bonus points for wearing pastel and bunny ears/tails too!
Upcoming Tennis Travel Opportunities:

APRIL 2 – 3:
From Saturday, April 2 – Sunday, April 3, I will be traveling with Miwako and Zayn down to Charleston for the Family Circle Cup WTA Event. We’ll be heading down to watch the qualifying tournament held on Daniel Island. Join us for a fun weekend of professional tennis! There are some great matches in qualifying and all of the big names are on the practice courts.

On Monday, April 11 the UNC Asheville Women’s Scholarship Luncheon will be held with Katrina Adams, a professional tennis player and now USTA President, as guest speaker. The luncheon begins at 11:30 am. Please e-mail Casey Jo Hitt at chitt@cliffsliving.com to sign up!
Need a new racket?

Borrow the Wilson racket demo bag from Jack and try a few great new frames!

Tennis Tip from Jack – New Beginnings!

I noticed something very interesting when I was coaching at The Tokyo Lawn Tennis Club. My ex-pat members were forever leaving to go on long vacations. They would leave for a month at Christmas time and leave for 3+ months over the summer. They would come back to the tennis court very often rusty from their long non-tennis-playing breaks.

I noticed that there were two types of ‘personalities’ when they came back from their long layoffs. One type was the ‘cautious’ player and the other was the ‘fire-at-will’ type of player. The cautious player would swing slow and be very careful to not make any mistakes during their comeback. The ‘fire-at-will’ type player just swung away and let the chips fall where they may. The F-A-W type player invariably found their rhythm sooner, got back to their level quicker and sometimes actually improved as they weren’t allowing their arms to tighten up. Sure, they made mistakes, but they were all free swinging errors and not tight mistakes. The ‘cautious’ player took much longer to get back to where they were because they were so tight – both mentally and physically – that it took me longer to get them relaxed enough to swing away again.

This winter puts all of us in a very similar scenario. We haven’t been able to play too much tennis at all. We are now coming back to tennis almost as though we had been on a long vacation. My recommendation is that now is the time to take a lesson, now is the time to swing away, now is the time to get to the next level as we are all free of tennis stress. We are just happy to be out there. Now is the time to hit your reset button and plug in some new info. When you play a lot you are actually repeating (sometimes) bad habits along with your good habits. Now that our layoff is almost over (come on spring!), it’s time to reinforce our good habits and add some new skills as well.

Spring is a time of renewal, it can mean bright new growths for your tennis game as well.

Until next time, friends!

Jack DeAndrade
Director of Tennis
The Cliffs