Hello, and Thank You!

Hello Walnut Cove Members,

My name is Rebecca Tucker, and it is my distinct honor to have joined your beautiful valley as Walnut Cove Realty’s newest Broker. Acting as a Sales Support Specialist I will be offering my skills to each Sales Executive as they assist your real estate interests. My original Brokers license was activated in 1989 and I worked with a local real estate firm located in Arden. By the time my third child arrived, I decided to focus my entire attention on my family and allowed the license to lapse. When the youngest left for college, I knew exactly what my future self needed. So, this past June, I re-established my Brokers license, and in the process, feel like I found my lost shoe.

This October when the trees are showing their true colors, let’s begin a new chapter of exploration together. I would like to learn, with you, some of the details which brought each of us to today. Let’s look back through the history of Walnut Cove and the twists and turns which have added deep roots ready to launch new growth. Let’s uncover your favorite activities and tell your stories of unexpected connections. What was your “road less traveled”?

Sometimes I like to mull on the concept of missed opportunities, and marvel at paths which cross at surprising moments. Have you ever given thought to the conversations which could have never been? Guffaws on the golf course, the clicking of the mahjong table, laughter at the tennis net, confidences shared across a beautiful plate of food. Because you arrived, the conversations are enriched, and Walnut Cove has become a better place to call home.

When we gather this month at the Oyster Fest, it will be to celebrate so much more than the sizzle of oysters roasting on the grill and wine glasses singing cheers to friends. We will also gather to celebrate each Cliffs member who thought of a friend living afar and introduced them to our community. Walnut Cove Realty is delighted to offer a banquet of oysters to start the party and celebrate each of you.

Let’s pause for just a moment, so we can look you in the eye and say, “thank you!” Heartfelt appreciation that your efforts are acknowledged. By introducing your friends to The Cliffs and trusting your real estate to our hearts and hands at Walnut Cove Realty, you have changed a life. Perhaps you have changed an entire community.

So ~ cheers to new friends and future conversations!



Next time: Did you know Walnut Cove Wellness Center has a rehab ninja?