A reason for giving – and a cookie party!

I can’t decide which has more effect, the onslaught of Black Friday ads or the sun setting when it feels like it was noon just a few moments earlier. These days are rushing forward at a dizzying speed. Are you feeling it too? Or is it just me? I was late to discover that being around old fluorescent bulbs can fire up a little vertigo. Malls, big box stores, groceries are all dripping in that chattering light. I thought shopping just made me a little queasy, but when Christmas music floats over the leftover Halloween candy, it feels really out of balance.

But some facets of this Autumnal season are precious to many and anticipated by most. Sweater weather. Thanksgiving crowds. Piles of leaves. Fires on the hearth. Cups of hot chocolate. Snuggling children. Wrapped gifts. Pets curled in warm beds. Long starry nights to enjoy the company of each other.

Everyone in Asheville, though, does not have the benefit of guaranteed warmth and security. That is why Walnut Cove Realty hosts its annual cookie party as a venue to bring a touch of joy to some who are less fortunate. Will you join your friends and neighbors with an unwrapped toy for a child served by Eblen Charities Christmas toy drive or dog or cat food for the Asheville Humane Society? Follow the smell of fresh-baked cookies and hot cider to the WCR sales office.

December 10, 2019
3:00 – 5:00
Walnut Cove Realty Sales Office
158 Walnut Valley Parkway

Assisting charities who work year round to support our neighbors is nothing new to Cliffs members. If you joined the Walnut Cove Members Association, a 501 c(3) non profit founded to collect and distribute funds through applied grants, then you know first hand the impact your donations can make to the greater Asheville area. Perhaps you have heard impact stories from charities who have received these funds, and the lives which have been touched. Hopefully, you too have been touched, knowing that your investment was multiplied by the program’s impact to the greater community. Pisgah Legal, Haywood Street Congregation, Homeward Bound,Asheville Humane Society, Girls on the Run, Arts for Life, Manna food bank, Asheville Symphony Society, and so many more.

Please drop in! We look forward to seeing you!